[Extra License] Simple Portal

  • Portal Addon for XenForo
    • Upload all the files inside the "upload" folder to your XenForo root folder
    • Go to your Admin Control Panel, click on "Install Add-on" and select the addon.xml file from the package
    • After the installation, you need to set the usergroup permissions
    • Upload all the files inside the "upload" folder to your XenForo
    • Go to your Admin Control Panel
    • Click on "List Add-ons"
    • Next to the add-on you want to upgrade, select Controls -> Upgrade, select addon.xml from the package and click on Upgrade
  • Version 1.1.0 Beta4
    • New Features
      • "Create new ... " Overlay included
      • Implemented some template hooks for better [bd]Widget Framework Support
        simpleportal_add_content, simpleportal_top, simpleportal_list, simpleportal_item (with the itemdata as parameter)
    • Bugfixes
      • Thread delete Bug fixed

    Version 1.1.0 Beta3
    • Included support for XenForo 1.2 Responsive Style
    • Replaced cache rebuild with Deferred action
    • Removed several code listeners, which aren't needed anymore
    • Optimized templates and included some new css classes to allow customized styling and js data for later usage
    • New Features
      • Auto Promote Threads
      • Each Content Type can have a own output template
    • Bugfixes
      • Category Counter Rebuild Process Bug
      • RSS Feed throw an error if the portalpreview tag was used in a thread